Best Motivational Books In Marathi

Marathi PDFOctober 20, 2019

Here we have a collection of best motivational books of Marathi literature. If you are interested in reading Marathi literature books, these books are the must-read books for you. You will get a PDF copy of these books over the internet. Let’s check out the books list.

1. Mrityunjaya

Mrityunjaya is a famous motivational novel, which was written by Shivaji Saavant. This novel is narrated based on the autobiographic form. The story of this novel is about the Karma, is one of the leading character of the ancient Hindu epic Mahabharata. The author wrote in this novel about the search for the meaning of Being is man’s eternal quest. This excellent novel received numerous awards and accolades, was first published in 1979.

2. Asa Mi Asami

Eminent author Purushottam Lakshman Deshpande wrote the Asa Mi Asami novel. P.L. Deshpande was a famous Marathi writer, playwriter, fictionist, and screenwriter. This book is one of his famous motivational books. This book considered one of the best autobiography novels in Marathi literature. The central character of this novel is Clerk. This novel is the autobiography of Clerk.

3. Kosala

The Kosala novel is well-known as Kosla. Bhalchandra Vanaji Nemade wrote this autobiographical novel. The story of this book is about the life-story of Pandurang Sangvikar, a 25 years old young man. This book translated into many other languages. This novel first published in 1963.

4. Shriman Yogi

The Shrimanyogi novel is a famous biographical work by Ranjit Desai. Chatrapathi Shivaji was a Mamatha king. The story of this book narrated based on the life and the achievements of the great Maratha king, Chatrapathi Shivaji, who has been a legendary figure in Indian history. This book is a must-read type book.

5. Swami

Ranjit Desai is one of the most popular authors of Marathi literature. He wrote the Swami novel in 2004. The story of this book is about Madhavrao Peshave. This book considered the best history book for understanding the great Maratha worrier. In this Swami novel, the author gave an excellent depiction of the life of Madhavrao Peshwa. The story of this book will show you need no experience for politics. And this book will teach you how your relatives are against you.

6. Baluta

Dagdu Maruti Pawar wrote the Baluta novel. This novel was written based on the autobiographical form. The story of this book is about the author’s battle in his life and with his family. The story of this book is about the struggle with his demons and the sacrifices of his mother. In this story, his mother is the real “hero.” This book first published in 1978.

7. Kajalmaya

Legendary Marathi author G.A. Kulkarni wrote Kajalmaya, which is a famous novel of Marathi literature. Kajalmaya first published in 1972. The story of this book was written based on the theme of sadness, despair, negativity in life, dark shades, etc. I think this book will blow in your mind.

8. Yayati: A Classic Tale of Lust

Vishnu Sakharam Khandekar wrote Yayati: A Classic Tale of Lust novel in 1978. The story of the Yayati novel is considered one of the most intriguing and fascinating classics of Mahabharata. This novel is a great scholar and one of the noblest rulers of olden times. Collect the PDF copy, and you will get it over the internet.


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