10 Famous Marathi Writers All Time

Marathi PDFOctober 21, 2019

Here we create a list of the ten famous Marathi writers. These writers did great work to make Marathi literature enjoyable. Most of the writers of Marathi literature are so much talent. But those who are listed below, their almost every book, are readers appreciated.

List of Famous Marathi Writers

Check the list of ten famous Marathi writers. I tried to write in detail about them. Read to end to know about ten famous Marathi writers.

1. Kusumagraj

Kusumagraj was one of the best Marathi writers. His full name is Vishnu Vaman Shirwadkar, Kusumagraj is his pen name. He was an eminent Marathi poet, playwright, novelist, short story writer. He was born on 27 February 1912 in Pune, Maharashtra, and he died on 10 March 1999 (aged 87) in Nashik, Maharashtra. He got the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1974.

2. Vishnu Sakharam Khandekar

Vishnu Sakharam Khandekar was a famous Marathi writer. He was the first Marathi author, who won the prestigious Jnanpith Award. Yayati, Kraunchwadh, Ulka are his notable work. He was born on 11 January 1898 and died on 2 September 1976 (aged 78).

3. Pralhad Keshav Atre

Prahlad Keshav Atre is popularly known as Acharya Atre. He was an eminent Marathi writer, poet, educationist, founder–editor of Maratha. He wrote many novels, biographies, poems, and essays. Acharya Atre was born on August 13, 1898, in Kodit Khurd, Saswad, Pune district, Maharashtra, and died on June 13, 1969 (aged 70) in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

4. Vasant Purushottam Kale

Vasant Purushottam Kale was well known to the  Marathi readers as Va Pu. He was a famous Marathi writer who wrote more than 60 books. Partner, Vapurza, Hi Waat Ekatichi, and Thikri are his notable works. He was a brilliant story-teller.

5. Ranjit Desai

Ranjit Desai was born in Maharashtra, India, on 8 April 1928. He is so much famous for his historical novels, Swami and Shriman Yogi. Ranjit got the Sahitya Akademi Award in 1964 and the Padma Shri in 1973. He died on 6 March 1992 (aged 63).

6. Shivaji Sawant

Shivaji Sawant was a famous writer in Marathi literature. He is well known for his famous Marathi novel Mrityunjaya. He was the first Marathi writer, who got the prestigious Moortidevi Award in 1994. His great work Mrityunjaya wrote based on Karna, one of the leading characters of the epic Mahabharata.

7. Vinda Karandikar

Vinda Karandikar’s full name is Govind Vinayak Karandikar, well known as Vinda. Vinda Karandikar was a well-known Marathi poet, writer, literary critic, essayist, and translator. He was born on 23 August 1918 in Dhalavali, Taluka, and he died on 14 March 2010 (aged 91) in Mumbai.

8. Durga Bhagwat

Durga Narayan Bhagwat is the full name of Durga Bhagwat. She was an Indian scholar, socialist, and writer. She was one of the most popular female authors in Marathi literature. I hope you will enjoy her writings.

9. Anand Yadav

Anand Yadav was a famous Marathi writer. Anand Ratan Yadav is his full name. He is well known to the Marathi literature people for his autobiography Zombi. He was born on 30 November 1935 in Maharashtra.  He was from an impoverished family from a small village.

10. Nagnath S. Inamdar

Nagnath S. Inamdar was a famous Marathi novelist. His career spanned almost five decades. He was born in 1923 and died in 2002. Shahenshah, Raau, Jhunja, Rajeshri, Shikasta, Mantravegala, and Jhep are his popular historical novels.

You can collect books  of these authors. You will enjoy their writings.


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